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Data Driven Problem Solving for Elementary

Quick focus investigations lead to provocations for long-range challenges. Plans address a wide range of skillsets and learning levels with embedded differentiation and assessment options.
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Use real math and science tools to test radio controlled race cars and collect data as part of a classroom Pit Crew! The team works to establish identity, meet driver and delivery challenges, then use the data to optimize their vehicles.
girls discuss rc car weight optionsHawaiian students show team identityboys weigh rc car on digital scale
Blended learning options give you the freedom to learn together or at home.  Materials are easy to source from toy bins and recyclables,
but Classroom and Camp kits are also available for purchase.
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Students own a technology team and their ultimate goal is to engineer personal performance, team performance and of course, race performance. The base technology is a 1:16 scale electric radio-controlled (RC) car and the measurement tools needed for data driven decision-making.

The basic tools of data collection are easy to use and reinforce math skills:
build numeracy and basic skills
recognize patterns
measure elapsed time, length, weight, and distance
represent data on interactive graphs and charts
analyze data for problem-solving


    Federally funded research within a Safe Schools, Healthy Students program has proven that Driving STEM (Formerly named Math2Go) significantly and positively impacts school attendance, subject retention, and testing scores.

    research from mcwhorter elementaryNews Article "Lessons on a Race Track"

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    Are you ready to help students discover with using math and science to make decisions?  We support you every step of the way with videos, tutorials, sample design image banks, and planning materials for home, camp, or classroom. 
    1. Focus on classroom curriculum, camps, or after school packages.
    2. Collect your materials or add a materials kit (1 car per 4 students).
    3. Will you add a blended learning digital option that travels with students?
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