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(1) STEMvestigations: One Lesson or Activity.
(2) STEAMstart: Modules for Full Year Implementation, Units for 1-6 Weeks, After School, and Camps.
(3) Driving STEM : Weekly Classroom Activities, 5-Day Camps, and After School Programs
(4) Workshops for Educators and Coaches: 4 Hours on one topic to a Week Long Immersion in STEM
(5) MindBugs in Science & Math and Scaleville Supplemental Resources for Daily Skill Builder
(6) T.E.A.M.S. Esports Camps and Clubs for Grades 6-8

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Focus on math skills for Fall

MindBugs in Measurement & Numeracy

Address misconceptions in understanding before they cause lasting problems for young learners. Activities use common household data collection tools (tape measure, scale, timer) and multiple representations to build confidence in numbers.

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Scaleville: Build a World of Numbers

Scaleville Daily Class Starters use estimation and measurement to build a solid sense of size and scale for problem solving reasonableness. How long? How far? How fast? How heavy? Build from everyday measures to estimation in the stars.

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PreK PreSTEAM Skill Builders

Develop basic skills through hands-on science calendars, math practice mats, and nursery rhymes. 26 ABC-123 "Math Mats" approach counting with the senses. Make science and math easy to plan with the full collection.

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