STEAMstart: "Shapes & Tapes" for Camp Box

STEAMstart: "Shapes & Tapes" for Camp Box

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Shapes and tapes are included in Modules and in Engineering/Design kits.  However if you want to use them for additional construction, this kit is for you.

We call this one the "shapes and tapes" kit for STEAMstart. The combination of STEAMstart Connector Kit and STEAMstart Design Kit replenishes your laser-cut squares and triangles, add cardstock, and includes adhesives for 12 students (enough to design and build out more than 75 rhomboid and prism forms in 3D.


  • 500 Laser Cut Cardstock Triangles
  • 1000 Laser Cut Cardstock Squares
  • 12 Rolls of Masking Tape
  • 12 Rolls of Clear Tape